A Mean Jerk Off And A Smothering Ass

Posted May 31, 2020 By Submissive Male

smothering ass

Femdom mistresses Olga and Anna lured another poor guy in their s&m dungeon. They seduce naïve men with their gorgeous bodies and take them home. In their sexy lingerie and high heels they can get every man alive to do whatever they want. Once he gets out of his clothing they tie him to their torture table and get to work. Today’s man bitch is getting a smothering ass on his face but he’s lucky because Olga is jerking him off at the same time. At least he gets to get off while he slowly suffocates in Anna’s ass.

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Any Time, Any Place: Facesitting Femdom

Posted May 24, 2020 By Submissive Male

facesitting femdom

When your partner in life is a femdom mistress you should realize you can get commissioned to do all sorts of humiliating activities any time she wants it. For instance when she feels like having her clit licked right before leaving the house. She’ll get you tied up and commands you to lay on the cold hard floor so she can drop that hard ass on your face. This facesitting femdom is all for her pleasure and leaves no room for your own. It’s licking or staying where you are the rest of the day. When you’re really lucky and when you’re a master with your tongue she might grant you the pleasure of playing with your cock.

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Never Disobey Your Facesitter

Posted May 17, 2020 By Submissive Male


You should never, ever, disobey your facesitter. Have a look at the sample and you know what can happen when you do. Especially when there are two of them, you got to make sure you follow every command. Some dominatrixes are such evil creatures they will punish you the double worth of the mistake you made. This naughty boy didn’t want to suck his mistress’ clit while she was throning and look what has come from that; they forced him in to another humiliating position and there is no escaping from that one.

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How To Treat Submissive Males

Posted May 10, 2020 By Submissive Male

submissive males

How would you treat submissive males when you were a luscious Russian femdom mistress? Would you punish them for every step they do in the wrong direction? Would you take advantage of their hard cocks while they eat out your ass? Let’s have peek at how it works in the real world, where mean dominatrix Valerie is taking advantage of her black male sub. Despite his big black dick and her hunger for it she won’t allow him to touch it and she won’t do it either. All she wants is an oral orgasm and she is forcing him to use that hurricane tongue on her pretty pink clit. No respect and no mutual pleasures here. It’s a one way street where this facesitter is riding.

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Pretty Queen Throning Her Sub

Posted May 3, 2020 By Submissive Male


Victoria’s naked sub is lying on the floor, with his hands tied to his back, waiting for his mistress to arrive. She loves facesitting femdom, where she can humiliate and command that slutty manwhore to fulfill her every need. She arrives at the scene, grabs that filthy slave’s collar and crawls on top of his face in order to let him lick her hungry pussy. She isn’t a dom that’s easily satisfied, so she pulls that collar real hard. Her suffocating man bitch has to suck every bit of air that he can, while he sucks that swollen clit to make sure he won’t get another severe punishment.

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Two Russian Sluts Prepare A Slave For Throning

Posted April 26, 2020 By Submissive Male


Russian femdom mistresses Katia and Olga are preparing their favorite slave boy for their little throning game. And it’s a bit of a special occasion, because they bought a brand new dildo mask. They are eager to test it out. The poor slave will only get to see and smell their cunts when they are riding his face. He won’t get to feel their pussies or their great shaped bodies; his only purpose is to get humiliated while those two stunning bitches reach their climaxes. With his hands tied together and his body strapped to the bed he’s nothing more than a facesitter victim.

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